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Bohai Drilling has drilled the deepest horizontal well in eastern Hebei

Release time:2023/4/21

On April 17th, news came from the First Drilling Company of Bohai Drilling Company that the Gao32-Ping-4 well, drilled by the 70025 drilling team, had completed drilling at 6088 meters, setting multiple records for the deepest horizontal well, the largest vertical depth, and the shortest drilling cycle for ultra deep wells above 6000 meters in Jidong Oilfield.

Gao32-Ping4 well is the second horizontal well in the second batch of tight oil projects in Gao5 fault block. The second opening of this well crosses multiple layers and needs to overcome multiple difficulties such as the basalt conglomerate of the Guantao Formation and the fault of the Shayi section. The Sankai horizontal section is long, and mudstone is prone to collapse. The water injection layers are complex and prone to leakage and water invasion.