Brand Marketing


Brand advantage

I, reputation advantage.

As an emerging valve brand, Shanghai valve holding co., LTD regards reputation as life. We stick to the business principle of integrity wins the world and promise as follows:

1. Give priority to agent inquiry and technical affairs;

2. Give priority to provide after-sales service for agents;

3. Provide after-sales service for the first manager;

4. The financial settlement shall not exceed 3 working days from the actual settlement application date.

II, price advantage

Hufa holding co., LTD is a company that focuses on marketing. We know very well what the manufacturer's price support means for agents.Under the premise of ensuring product quality, we promise to support agents to develop and cooperate in the market with the most cost-effective price positioning, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

III, mode advantage.

Shanghai valve holding co., LTD is a brand enterprise formed by the original production unit from the bottom up. It pursues a community of common destiny model of prosperity and common loss.Thus the problem of uncontrollable quality is solved at the source.So that the product quality can be completely controlled, so that the quality assurance is no longer just a slogan of propaganda, but the original cooperation mode urges all production units to guarantee the quality to protect their vital interests.

Iv. Product advantages

Shanghai valve holding co., ltd. has attracted a large number of production lines of general valves and special valves with the mode of mutual participation. Each production unit is a professional manufacturer in its field.

Brand agency model

A. The designated regional official agent who signs the brand agency agreement.

1. Negotiation, cooperation and settlement mode

2. Sign brand agency agreement and pay agency deposit

3. Both parties shall strictly implement the terms of this agreement

B. Brand promotion partners who do not sign the brand agency agreement.

1. Negotiate brand promotion forms

2. Implemented brand promotion support for huvalve holding

3. No agreement shall be signed and no strict terms shall be imposed, but the image of Shanghai valve holding market shall be maintained

4. You can become a formal regional agent when conditions are ripe


Resources integration, common development, share the results!

The cooperation policy here refers to the cooperation of valve or valve related products manufacturers.

Although Shanghai valve holding company is a non-regional company covering many valve product lines, it firmly believes that only professional manufacturing can produce high-quality products.At present, many models of brand agent processing in the market fail to fundamentally solve the problem of quality assurance, which not only damages the interests of customers, but also hinders the brand reputation of enterprises.With a new business model and an open attitude, Shanghai valve holding co., ltd. welcomes more specialized product manufacturers to join the team of Hufa holding co., LTD.

Cooperation advantages:

1. We are the vanguard.Cooperate with Shanghai valve holding company, you will harvest the best marketing team with the lowest cost.

2. We are pragmatists.Cooperate with Shanghai valve holding company, you will gain a group of practical like-minded people and rich resources.

3. We are leaders.Cooperate with Shanghai valve holding company, you will win the transformation and upgrade successfully, keep pace with the development of The Times.

4. We are preachers.Cooperate with huvalve holding, you will have a broader market, and we do not encroach on your interests.

Cooperation requirements:

1. It has certain special production capacity and good reputation.

2. Product quality and cost performance are consistent with the positioning of huvalve holding.

3. No repetition or conflict with the existing product line of huvalve holding.

4. It is consistent with the enterprise spirit and business philosophy of huvalve holding.

5. Approved by more than two-thirds of the directors of the board of directors of huvalve holding.

Cooperation policy:

1, without changing the name of the enterprise, can maintain the original business, at the same time, Shanghai valve holding will also assist the publicity.

2. We must share shares with each other year-on-year to ensure the consistency of interests, so as to ensure product quality and service.

3. A series of cooperation agreements must be signed to ensure the legitimacy and stability of cooperation.


I. warranty period

All valves and accessories are subject to an 18-month warranty from the date of purchase.The warranty period can be separately agreed according to the requirements of special working conditions and users.

Ii. Warranty method

Repair or replace the valve according to the specific fault conditions.Parts that can be repaired or replaced include but are not limited to body, core, sealing pair, actuator, etc.All replacement parts, actuators or valves are brand new.Replacement parts, actuators or valves enjoy the remainder of the original 18-month warranty period.


Let the best use their ability, survival of the fittest;Character first, ability second.

The fittest survive the fittest.That is to say, on the top of the competent, on the bottom of the mediocre, in Shanghai valve holding company every outstanding talent will be paid attention to, is willing to provide all elites with a higher and broader platform for career development;At the same time, the lack of self-motivated friends seeking ease will not be the target of Shanghai valve holding, in terms of talent recruitment and work together, Shanghai valve holding is distinct.

Character first, ability second.It means that in terms of professional skills and comprehensive quality, Shanghai valve holding co., ltd. will take personal character as the highest standard of measurement.Those who are selfish, fickle, self-centered and individualistic cannot develop together with Shanghai valve holding company for a long time.