Hufa Holding Co., Ltd. Is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of common valves such as emergency cut-off valve, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, chemical valve, water control valve and electric two-way valve.Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, electricity, environmental protection, food and other industries, products throughout the country and are used in many national key projects, but also exported to Asia, Europe and other regions.Main products include: solenoid valve, regulating valve, chemical valve, water control valve, electric two-way valve, general valve;6 main products for a variety of industrial needs to provide a full range of fluid control solutions.

Hufa Holding Co., Ltd. strives to build a well-known high-end control valve manufacturing enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, specializing in high-end control valve scientific research design, manufacturing and sales, technical exchanges, import and export trade in one of the international entity enterprise headquarters is located in zhejiang, the pump and valve capital of China.The company was founded in July 2004, Shanghai branch production base is located in Shanghai, construction area 1250 square meters, and has the domestic leading production equipment and multi-functional, intelligent valve inspection system and test center.

Companies adhere to the advanced equipment localization and technical independent innovation, the pursuit of do the best employees, do the best products and the best enterprise goal, strive to build the company into a domestic first-class, the world level of control valve supplier, for the continuous development of automation industry to make greater contribution!

Today's Shanghai valve brand has formed a technical system with independent intellectual property rights as the core, relying on science and technology for innovation;Set up r&d center, used in technical improvement, innovation and development of new products, and the introduction of the United States, Germany, Japan and other advanced level of technology and products, through the absorption and reference to manufacturing technology, perfect products, form with independent core high-end products, reduce the distance with the world's advanced products, in the domestic and international market to get customers' trust and respect.Related products have won many honors such as Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation, and won the high-tech enterprise in 2011.At the same time, the company is the first in the domestic industry through TS(pressure pipe components manufacturing license), explosion-proof electrical production license, ISO9001 (international quality management system), CE (European Union safety mark) and other quality systems and special industry requirements certification system.

      Hufa products are distributed throughout the country and applied in many national key projects, mainly used in petrochemical industry, aerospace, national defense, hvac, electric power equipment, biopharmaceutical, medical equipment, food machinery, environmental protection water treatment and other industries;Ju liang company and Shanghai baosteel, navy logistics, China petroleum group, tongfang shares, hangzhou holishi, kweichow maotai distillery, China nuclear power, the 12th national games of the main torch Taiwan and many other well-known enterprises and key projects to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

Business philosophy of Shanghai Valve:
Persist in not forgetting the original intention, continue to move forward; while pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all Shanghai Valve partners, go all out to make perfect products and contribute to social progress.
Company purpose
Technological innovation, quality assurance, honesty, efficiency and considerate service
Corporate objectives
Establish an international first-class control valve of Chinese enterprises.
Company value

Create value for customers;Create value for stakeholders;Create value for society;Create value for employees.

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