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The 7th China (Zibo) General Machinery Exhibition 2023

Release time:2023/5/12

This exhibition will be held from May 12th to 14th this year at the Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference is "green, environmental protection, and energy conservation", and all indoor and outdoor exhibition areas of the Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center will be opened. There are a total of over 2000 international standard exhibition booths, bringing together more than 800 exhibitors from across the country, showcasing the advanced technology and latest products of the chemical equipment industry in all aspects, and committed to building a full industry chain economic and trade exchange service platform for chemical equipment.

The equipment manufacturing industry is the "mother of industry", and new chemical materials are the "top priority" for future development. Zibo's chemical industry has nearly 10000 types of products, making it the most well-equipped prefecture level city in China's chemical industry. It has six provincial-level chemical parks. The supporting capacity of Zibo's equipment manufacturing industry ranks among the top in the same industry in China, with a large number of national and provincial single champion, national level specialized and new "little giants" enterprises. General equipment such as motors, precision reducers, pumps, as well as chemical equipment such as pressure vessel equipment, heat exchangers, and specialized equipment for refining and chemical engineering are widely used in fields such as chemical engineering, medicine, and new materials.

This exhibition, based on the industrial advantages of Zibo City, adopts the operation mode of "industry+base+market", organically integrating chemical specialized equipment, pumps and fans, instruments and meters, high-efficiency motors and reducers, as well as Zibo chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and radiating to Shandong Province and even the whole country. The exhibits cover complete sets of chemical equipment, drying and crushing, extraction and concentration, pump valve sealing, instruments and meters, pressure vessels, heat exchange and refrigeration More than 6000 products from ten major sectors, including wastewater and exhaust gas treatment, packaging, storage and transportation, and safety and explosion prevention, have achieved effective docking and integrated development among industries, and have vigorously built an efficient service platform for the chemical industry, laying a solid foundation for creating the largest and most professional general machinery industry event in the north.